I was asked this question recently and thought I’d share my answer here for the benefit of others starting out with Spring Framework.

Here it is…

No background knowledge is needed to study Spring

Good understanding of Java, OOP, design patterns, design principles, etc. – these are only needed to become fluent in Java Spring Framework, but not in the first days.

If you’re just starting out with Spring, these are nice-to-haves and can be eventually picked up over time.

Yes, it may take longer without much background knowledge, but this way you’ll only learn what’s absolutely needed and don’t waste time learning things you’d otherwise not need and therfore forget quickly.

Ready, Fire, Aim

Instead of spending a lot of time studying the background knowledge needed, just jump into it now!

Create a goal today to learn one small thing in Spring today, figure out what skills are needed for that single step and DO them. If you reached that one simple goal, great, now you’re ready to move on to the next small step.

The most important thing is getting started today and progressing continuously every week.

What you’ll really need to study Spring

If you really want to be good with Spring framework (or any other skills), these are the things you’ll really need:

  • desire to be good at it
  • curiosity to be wanting to learn more
  • perseverance to solve the next problem ahead of you
  • practice, because without that there’s no progress.

And that’s it…

Best of luck on your journey!