There’s been a lot of discussions on 10x developers, whether they exist or not (for example, here and here). I believe they do exist and by following a blueprint eventually we can all become one. Based on my 10+ years experience as a software developer I put together a list of actionable guidelines that can help anyone get closer… Read More

Being a lazy developer, I was recently searching for a way to automatically generate release notes instead of manually compiling the list. Fortunately, the maven changes plugin comes to the rescue. It can not only generate the release notes from JIRA tasks, but also email it to a list of email addresses. Tweet… Read More

Hibernate is a great tool for integrating Java web applications with a SQL database, but what should we do when the application’s response times start increasing considerably? What should we do when we’re getting doubts whether the application will scale with the growth of our customer base? Before spending a fortune on hosting or rewriting the code, consider analysing and improving these 7 areas of your web application. Tweet… Read More

In this post I’m going to share my experiences with tuning slow SQL queries in Java web applications. Following these 5 super-easy steps you’ll have a clear understanding on the performance bottlenecks in sql database and the indexes you’ll need to add to improve performance of your queries. Tweet… Read More

One of the cool things I love about Grails is its out-of-the box support for different environments (dev, test, prod, etc.). I can have separate configuration for them – making life easy when doing deployment – or enable/disable certain features of the application depending on which environment the application is running on. Tweet… Read More

The Storm framework is an open-source distributed and fault-tolerant real-time processing system used by many companies including Groupon, Twitter, Alibaba, Klout, etc. It’s the Hadoop of real-time processing and it can be used for real-time analytics, online machine learning and parsing social media stream, just to name a few. This post will help you getting started with Storm via… Read More

Me and a friend of mine recently started working on a startup. Do you wear glasses? If yes, can you spare 2 minutes for this survey? We need your valuable feedback.   Tweet… Read More

Most of the applications that I’ve worked on as a Software Developer were running in a Linux environment. Using the right tools can boost our productivity and save us a considerable amount of time. Here’s a list of command line tools that I find most convenient when working Linux. Tweet… Read More

  LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 175 million members in over 200 countries and territories. In the last 12 months these 175 million Linkedin members did around 5 billion professionaly-oriented searches. How many of them do you think were actually looking for someone with your skills? Tweet… Read More

I’ve been working on an Android app lately that uses the Text to Speech functionality and I wanted to have a spinner that can display all available languages on an Android device. Now I’m going to show you how to get a list of supported languages in this short Android tutorial. Tweet… Read More