I ran a survey a while ago to find out the most popular tools/frameworks in the Java ecosystem for building web applications. Many thanks to everyone who participated in this from all over the world!

The survey received around 120 responses and these results may give you some good ideas on what technologies to learn next.

This is the first post in this series where we’ll cover languages. In the follow up posts expect to see survey results on web frameworks, application servers, SQL databases, DAO layer, Big Data, build tools and Cloud providers.


Java, Groovy and Scala came out as top 3 languages in the survey. The other JVM-specific languages on the list are Clojure (a dialect of Lisp), JRuby (an implementation of the Ruby programming language atop the Java Virtual Machine) and Haskell (another functional programming language). While the survey focused on JVM-specific languages, I also received PHP, Python, C++, etc. under the Others option in the survey.

Learning new programming languages is always a great idea. It can open up new opportunities for us developers and also help seeing technical problems from different angles.

Have you worked with JVM languages aside from Java? Share your experiences, even if it’s just a few of lines.

Stay tuned for the next post on the survey results, we’ll be covering web frameworks!