Why learn Java? Java has been leading the TIOBE index (a measure of popularity of programming languages) for the last 3 years by a large margin It’s a mature language (20+ years old) with a vast and lively ecosystem with  quality open-source tools for basically anything (Apache Commons,manupilating Excel,messaging, Object-Relational Mapping, real-time streaming, distributed in-memory… Read More

Recently I was working on a proof-of-concept web application that I wanted to deploy to a public cloud for a quick demo. I decided to use Amazon as I already had experience with it. Amazon offers several different ways to deploy a Java web application. Amazon EC2 EC2 gives us the flexibility to install and configure whatever we want to on the box. This… Read More

It was about 10 years ago. I was a junior developer, I hated my job and was looking to make the move. I understood the basics of the Java language and could write code in Java, but apart from the basic JDK, I had no clue on the Java eco-system. When I looked at a… Read More

Creating Java web applications using Spring Framework has never been easier. If you’re already familiar with Java and have little to no experience creating web applications, or if you’re worried that all the cool kids abandoned Java in favor of Ruby and Node.js, you want to read this. My intention is to provide here a practical guide to get… Read More